The eagerly awaited sixth issue of Hunger magazine hit the newsstands this week.  ‘Hunger’, from photographer Rankin, is packed with stunning examples of fashion and editorial photography.  I have been buying it since the launch issue. 

Hunger 6 from RankinThe theme for this issue is ‘Mighty Blighty’ and Rankin has chosen to release the magazine with 20 different covers, each a celebration of British talent. 

I had a choice of covers to buy and chose the one with fashion designer Katie Eary (below) just because the shot really appealed to me. 

Hunger 6 from Rankin

Hunger 6 from Rankin

Reading through the magazine it strikes me how diverse a photographer Rankin is.  He isn’t one who is content to stick to the same formula every time, yet every set of images has a strong narrative that draws you in.  I envy his talent.  The images that stand out for me in Hunger 6 are of Kristin Scott Thomas; Tinie Tempah; Ellie Goulding and a moody black and white split lighting set of actor Ralph Fiennes.

The magazine isn’t available in every newsagent, so you might have track it down or order online.  I usually find that larger Sainsburys and WH Smith have it in stock.

Budding Male Model Matt

You might recall my earlier encounter with Matt.  Here again, I was helping my photographer friend Mel to practice his studio lighting and in between Mel’s sets I fired off a few frames for myself.  It was only Matt’s second time in front of the camera and I think he has a really strong ‘look’ that the camera likes.

The lighting was as simple as it gets – a studio light to camera right bounced into a large umbrella to light Matt; and a second studio flash-head providing a touch of lighting on the background.

Click on the images to enlarge them and please feel free to leave a comment.

Matt by Paul Jones

Matt by Paul Jones

Matt by Paul Jones

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  1. Mel Barnes says:

    Hi Paul

    Great shots – I hope Matt contacts a model agency, since I think he has potential. Mel.

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