Ssshh, don’t tell anyone, but aswell as photographing pretty girls, I also enjoy photographing guys…

Actually, I’ll clarify that by saying I like photographing anyone who looks good in front of my camera, and who makes a shoot enjoyable.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been helping and tutoring a learner photographer friend (Hello Mel) who has just bought his first studio lighting kit.  A spare room in his house has been converted into a studio and I have to say I’m impressed by his setup, along with his absolute willingness to learn. 

So it was that Mel phoned me and asked if I would help him to setup a shoot with a friend of his who is considering trying out as a male model.  Sunday evening found me in Mel’s home studio with him and our model, Matt.  As it was Mel’s shoot I was happy to act as his assistant, though I couldn’t resist taking a few shots of my own.

The lighting setup was simple.  Two lights – softbox to camera left for main light and a snooted light from behind to provide some separation from the black background.

I have to say that, considering it was Matt’s first photoshoot, I think he did remarkably well and was really comfortable in front of the camera.  I’m going to be helping Mel on some other shoots over the next few weeks so may work with Matt again.

Click the photo to enlarge and please feel free to leave a comment.

Matt - Budding Male Model

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