Doesn’t time fly…?

It’s a year since I set this new website up and took my first steps into the world of blogging.  In November 2012 I had the notion of redesigning my website around WordPress and sharing my thoughts and ramblings with the world.  I set myself the task of updating the blog at least once a week and so far, with just a couple of exceptions, have done it.

A blog relies on content and requires ongoing commitment to maintain it.  So often I visit photography websites and see that their blog hasn’t been updated in months.  Setting up a blog is easy, but keeping it going needs time.  There have been times when I have thought “what shall I write about today?”, however there is often so much going on in my life, and photography is such a vast subject, that something springs to mind.   

My website regularly attracts emails from photographers.  I’m pleased to say that I have made good friends with several photographers in various parts of the world that I first met through the Internet.  Likewise, I have met, and photographed, many brilliant models who have contacted me through my site.

To mark the one year anniversary I have redesigned my Home pages with a selection of my favourite images, which I hope gives a good representation of my style of photography.  Over the years I have photographed hundreds of people – professional glamour models, beginner models, friends and family.  Sorting through all the images and whittling them down to the final selection took many hours, but I’m pleased with the overall look.

So, here’s to the next twelve months…  Thank-you for reading!

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Paul Jones - favourite images

Paul Jones - favourite images

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