The end of another year. That seemed to go quickly, didn’t it?

This time last year I published my new year’s resolutions:

1. Get in shape, become healthier and fitter
Yes, I’m happy to report that I’m feeling fitter, healthier and lighter now than I have done for a long time, thanks to diet and exercise and a Fitbit for motivation. I still want to lose more weight, and am confident that I’ll do it. Over Christmas I’ve enjoyed quite a few long walks to get some fresh air and increase my daily step count.

2. Stop wasting time on the Internet and doing non-productive things

Well, I know that I do still waste a lot of time when it could be better spent on more productive things. However, I also now have a new interest – I’ve started to learn a musical instrument for the first time in my life and am getting to grips with learning music, sight-reading and everything that comes with it. It’s early days but I’m enjoying it.

3. Read all the books that I bought with the intention of ‘reading some day’

I’ve definitely read more books this year, however I’ve bought even more so still have a long list of books to complete – mainly non-fiction including several biographies and self-help, as well as working my way through the complete collection of James Bond novels by Ian Fleming.

4. Clear my backlog of images that need processing

Oh dear, I haven’t made much headway on this and still have several folders of RAW files to work through. Let’s say it’s a work in progress.

5. Take more photos

Again, this hasn’t happened. With other interests now, photography isn’t as important to me as it once was, though I do still enjoy the act of taking photographs, and in fact took some portraits for a friend over the Christmas holiday. It will be interesting to see how the new year pans out.

I’m not setting any new resolutions for 2020, just a continuation of the above.

To hopefully spur me on to work through the backlog, here’s a few quick edits of some previously unseen images, which you’ll no doubt be seeing more of in the new year. Click the image to see it larger, and thanks for reading.

Happy New Year.

End of Year Reflection 2019, by Paul Jones


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