The testimonials below are from just a few of the models and photographers I’ve worked with over the past few years.

“I’ve worked with Paul Jones on 5 occasions now – he’s a nice, down-to-earth guy and really easy to work with. I’ve always been really happy with the results of our shoots together. Clients and agencies regularly pick out his shots as one of their favourites from my book, despite being alongside shots by some ‘big name’ pro photographers. I can’t recommend him highly enough!”
Taylor Paige

“To any model reading this – Paul Jones is definitely highly recommended by myself!! He is a fabulous photographer and lovely to work for. He was actually the very first photographer I worked with. If anyone needs to update their portfolio he is definitely one of the photographers I would put at the top of the list! Every time I work with him he just seems to get better!!”
Jennie May

“Paul Jones is such a talented photographer as you can see by some of his work. I have worked with Paul on a number of occasions and he never fails to deliver quality photos. I would recommend him to both amateur and professional models. If anyone wants to work with a friendly guy who can produce quality professional pictures then Paul Jones is definitely the man to see!”
Emma B

“Hi Paul, I’m just letting you know that one of your latest photos landed me a job with Ann Summers for next week!
Thanks for taking fab shots of me! x x ”
Taylor Paige

“I’ve been modelling since August 2005 and I have my first front cover out now, for 100% Biker magazine – with a further 6 pictures inside! Well Paul what can I say…. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be here. You did my first ever photos and I still show them to my agents and clients.  I love them. You are still by far the best photographer I have ever worked with.”
Michelle M

“I really enjoyed the photoshoot and I’m glad my first time in front of the camera was with someone who made me feel as comfortable as you did, thankyou. I really enjoyed working with you and would do it again.”
Laura J

“I had a wonderful shoot with Paul Jones. I enjoyed it very much, he was an absolute pleasure to work with and I wish all photographers could be like him! He had some great ideas.”
Deborah de Silva

“This was my very first photo shoot. I felt nervous before meeting Paul, but he really made me feel at ease. He is a lovely person and I’m glad I went to him for my pictures. I am pleased with the results and I would definitely recommend him. He is a talented photographer and I will hopefully work with him sometime again in the future.”
Becky Jo H

“I have had several shoots with Paul Jones and the results from every shoot have been of such a high quality its been difficult to choose which pictures to use. Paul is easy going and fun to work with. I highly recommend him to models and clients.”
Mel Bailey

“Thank you for the photos… the bed shots are great aren’t they! I will definitely add them to my website as soon as poss :)”
Elise McQueen

“Hi Paul, I’ve seen the photos you took of me at Worksop Studio, I loved them.”
Candice S

“I found Paul Jones a truly professional photographer, who put me at ease straight away. He was a joy to work with and I would love to work with him again. The quality of the pictures I received were second to none – truly outstanding. I would recommend Paul to anyone”
Sara C

“Thank-you for such a great shoot! I was really nervous to start but you made me feel at ease. I am extremely happy with the photos – what a result! I would highly recommend you and I’m looking forward to working with you again!”
Michelle K

“I’ve worked with Paul Jones twice now and found him to be a true professional. His quality of work is of the highest level and I would highly recommend him. Thanks Paul.”
Lisa P

“Worked with Paul today, what a great photographer. You should definitely consider working with him. Thanks for a good shoot Paul. Hopefully see you in the future. Mich x”
Michelle S

“I had a shoot with Paul today. He came well prepared for the shoot with lots of good and varied ideas which I think worked well. I’m sure the photos will look great and I’m looking forward to seeing them. He was very friendly and professional, and easy to work with. I hope to work with Paul again in the future and recommend him to other models.”
Kayla Louise

“I had a shoot with Paul yesterday – a true gent. Wow, what a great photographer. I found Paul both charming and very professional in the way the shoot was arranged and while working with him. I cant wait to work with Paul again.”
Sky Summers

“I was very happy and I really enjoyed my shoot with Paul Jones. I found him to be very understandable as to my thoughts and ideas for the shoot, a calm and friendly fella, we had loads of fun. Both of us were able to come to perfect ideas. He gave me time to express myself  and I’m looking forward to doing some more work with him.

“I had a great shoot with Paul. Very kind, professional and skilled. He gives great direction and allows you to do your own thing and is very appreciative of models’ efforts. Look forward to arranging future shoots.”

“I’ve had my second photoshoot with Paul. We had loads of fun. He’s really patient and I love that. I would definitely be seeing him again soon, but this time more fashion for me – but if I want glamour, he’s my man 🙂 Thanks Paul x.”

“I worked with Paul at Formby Beach. Had a great shoot. Was nice and relaxed. Great photographer, easy to get on with, professional and makes the shoot fun. Thanks Paul. Look forward to working with you again. Highly recommended.”
Wendy Louise

“Another fantastic shoot with Paul. I always look forward to working with him. He’s full of good ideas and direction. Absolutely one of my favourite photographers. Look forward to next time, I’m sure it won’t be long. We’re a good team. Thanks Paul.”
Emma B

“I worked with Paul at my home. Professional, meticulous, friendly and easy-going is how to describe this man. So, so easy to work with, gives good direction when needed and I can’t wait to see the results!”
Miss Fee

“I’ve now had my third shoot with Paul. I enjoyed myself, he’s very friendly and always likes to make sure he listens to what you want and does his best to achieve that. I love working with him because he can produce fantastic shots.”

“I had a lovely shoot with Paul, he was brilliant to work with and I highly recommend him. His communication before the shoot was fantastic and he got some awesome poses out of me. It was a real pleasure shooting with him. Thank-you Paul for a great day! X”
Hannah B

“As a photographer, I have worked on and off with Paul for at least 10+ years. A quality guy…. always organised and full of ideas. A superb glamour and portrait taker.”
Andy Milne

“I had a shoot with Paul. He’s a polite, friendly guy and has some great shots in his portfolio. He communicates well with his models. We got some good images from the day. He also brings books of poses and ideas to the shoot which gave me inspiration.”
Sara J

“GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER! Paul made me feel so at ease, I did my first ever implied topless shot! He does not try to push you past your levels and he is considerate of how you feel as the model. Genuine, hard-working, very down to earth and friendly. I would highly recommend Paul Jones to ALL models. I’m so happy I worked with him – we got some excellent shots. Thanks!”
Sophia Nicole

“I had a photoshoot with Paul and had an AMAZING TIME! Can’t fault him at all. Dead professional and had such a laugh together. Plenty of ideas and he gave great direction. Can’t wait to work together again! Top photographer!”
Kimberley Michelle

“Thank-you again for the pictures, Paul. They are brilliant! Your photos have helped me to sign with Supermodel modelling agency!”
Kimberley Michelle

“I worked with Paul Jones today and really enjoyed it! He was professional and friendly and with a great eye for detail. Good ideas for poses. The hours just flew by. Thanks!”
Tiffany P

“I’m extremely glad I worked with Paul Jones. Paul is a very talented photographer with lots of direction and ideas. I found him to be very organised and passionate about his work. We got some fantastic images and I would deffo work with him in the future.”
Hannah D

“This is my second photoshoot with Paul. We get on really well now and work well together as a team. He is one of the best photographers around and I’m sure he will bring a lot of women success (hopefully myself being one of them). Excellent communicator and quick and efficient at sending pictures after the shoot. BRILLIANT BRILLIANT BRILLIANT! “
Kimberley Michelle

“I had my first ever shoot with Paul and loved every minute. I never once felt uncomfortable with him considering it was my first shoot. I felt really relaxed we had such fun and the photos were fab!! I highly recommend Paul!”
Laura Loren

“This was my first shoot with Paul, in fact it was my first ever shoot. Paul made me feel really relaxed and directed me well. The photos have turned out great and I will definitely work with him again.”
Carly U

“This was my first photoshoot in England, so far I have only worked abroad. I really do recommend Paul Jones. He is very punctual, professional, and above all he is a great person. He will make you feel like a star! If he accepts you as a model to work with him you are up for a good start, since he has a great eye to see the beauty in you. So, good luck to all the girls out there and thank you again Paul.”
Leonor J

“I have never had any professional photos taken before and I was very nervous, but Paul put me at ease. He is really talented and easy to work with. Thanks Paul.”
Jayne W

“This was my first ever glamour shoot and I can honestly say it was a blast. Paul was very easy to work with and the time just flew by. If you are new to modelling or just want to update your book, Paul’s the man.
Lily F

“My second photoshoot with Paul was great, just like I would expect with his photography skills. He really cares for what you want to accomplish, is sensible with your needs and he always makes sure that you are comfortable and relaxed while you work with him. That is why his photoshoots will always be a success. Above all, he will make sure that you are happy with the photos, so he looks after you even after the photoshoot. Paul – you are such a great photographer and human being, it’s always a pleasure to work with you. I recommend you fully. Thank-you again Paul.”
Leonor J

“I had a brill shoot with the lovely Paul last week. He was so sincere and nice 🙂 He’s really down to earth and we had so much to talk about. Easily one of the nicest togs I’ve worked with. We are arranging another shoot, which is great. I can’t wait to work with him again. Girlies, defo recommended 🙂 “
Layla J

“Paul is a fantastic photographer! Very friendly, good sense of humour and fun to work with. Very professional and laid back. He has some great ideas and gives direction well. Thanks Paul and I look forward to working with you again. Thanks. Louise x.”
Louise F

“OMG ur a top man! Your pics are great dude! Everyone loves them, I’ve been showing everyone. I love them. U Rock!”
Mark P

“Today was probably one of my favourite shoots to date. Paul is such a nice guy and doesn’t realise how good at photography he is, which is quite endearing! We got lots of different looks and he captured my ‘soft girlie side’ – which I have not seen before in any of my other shoots. Such a great day. Thanks Paul xxx”
Zoe E

“Had a fantastic, fun-filled shoot at my home with Paul yesterday. He is such a joy to work with and funny too. I wish all my shoots could be like this one. I hope to have the pleasure of shooting with Paul again in the near future. Highly recommended and thanks for an awesome day Paul xx”
Samantha H

“Yuusss!! The photos are awesome 🙂 Thank-you so much, I’m so happy with them, so professional. For sure, these are my fave pics EVER!!! I love every single one of them!!! XXXX”
Zoe E

“Wow! Just finished a great shoot with Paul. I couldn’t wait to write about what a fab day it was. I enjoyed the shoot from start to finish and I’m confident that Paul will have some great shots. I found him to be a lovely, friendly photographer. He gave great direction and also encouraged my ideas, which was nice. Any model would be lucky to work with Paul. Thanks for a great shoot.”
Karen R

“I enjoyed the shoot with Paul very much! He made me feel extremely comfortable and was fun to work with. Not to mention an expert on lighting! I would love to shoot with him again.”
Melissa B

“Had my first shoot with Paul yesterday. He made me feel at ease immediately. Completely professional and so fun to work with. Looking forward to seeing the images and to our next shoot.”
Katie B

“Shot with Paul at my home yesterday. And, oh what fun it was… It was easy going. A great laugh, professional, he is very enthusiastic and full of different ideas. Paul was friendly, open-minded, grounded and we really came up with some really fab photos. Time just flew by! Can’t wait to work with Paul again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Natalia xXx”
Natalia Forrest

“I had my first home shoot with Paul at the weekend. I really enjoyed shooting with him. He turned up on time, set up and then we took some amazing images. I found Paul very easy to work with and we chatted and laughed all the way through the shoot. I would recommend him to any model.”
Samantha Alexandra

“I had a great time working with Paul and can’t wait to see the results. He is a laugh-a-minute, fun, friendly and talented photographer. I very much like his traditional glamour style. It’s just as it should be in my book :-)”
Michelle M

“It goes without saying, looking at Paul’s portfolio, he’s a great photographer, but with that he’s fantastic to work with. He’s so friendly and puts you completely at ease. He has a great eye for detail and came well prepared full of ideas. It’s always a real joy for me working with somebody who has the personality to match their talent. I hope to be working with Paul again in the future. Thanks again for such a fun shoot!”
Michelle Hush

“Had a great shoot with Paul. Not only did he travel a long way, but he also came across with a very professional attitude. Had a lot of fun with this shoot. Paul is polite, punctual, and made me feel very comfortable. Hope to work together in the future. Thanks!”
Megan Reilly

“I have worked with Paul numerous times and he truly is an excellent photographer. He makes you feel 100% comfortable and he captures a range of expressions and poses. I will be working with him again very soon!”

“I worked with Paul for the first time at my house the other day. Paul’s communication is excellent and to the point. During the shoot he is laid-back, chatty and great to work with. We came up with brilliant ideas together and in return got some amazing results! I cannot wait to see the finished images! I would definitely recommend Paul Jones to anyone wishing to work with him, and thanks Paul for a brilliant shoot. Hope to work with you again in the near future.”
Roxy Mendez

“Hi Paul, I love the photos! Thank-you. Paul you’re a photographic genius. Thank-you so much!”
Melissa B

“I worked with Paul today and wow, what a guy! Had a really fun shoot and got some great shots from what he showed me. He made me feel very comfortable and the time flew by! Definitely would work with him again!””
Jay M

“Had a fabulous shoot with Paul at my home yesterday.  He’s friendly, fun, full of ideas and a pleasure to work with.  Time flew and I would definitely shoot with him again and recommend him to any model!  Thank-you Paul. x”

“My second shoot with Paul. I was excited to shoot and he was a pleasure to work with again! He’s easy to talk to, funny, but always professional and he’s full of great ideas for the shoot. I was really happy with the pics from our last shoot and can’t wait to see how these turn out! Will be arranging to work with Paul again when I’m back in England. Highly Recommended! Thank-you Paul. x”

“I just wanted to post my thoughts on today’s Studio and Lighting Workshop with Paul Jones.  Arriving at 10am with my girlfriend and model for the day, Lisa, Paul welcomed us in and helped set up the lights.  Lisa changed into her first outfit and we were ready to begin.  Paul said “today you’re in charge, this is your shoot and I’ll assist you.”  Let it be said I’m a complete novice and very new to photography.  Paul helped move the lights into position then meter a two light setup.  We had varying combinations of diffusers, from a large softbox, a beauty dish to a reflector with barn doors.  We worked with various soft and hard light combinations with Lisa in a variety of outfits.
In short, Paul is an absolutely brilliant mentor, giving me freedom to make mistakes and learn, while guiding me through the shoot with some totally ingenious ideas, varying lighting positions with hard and soft light combinations.  Paul’s knowledge of photographic composition and in depth studio craft is incredible.  Also his self-deprecating attitude towards his own ability made him more endearing to both Lisa and myself.  We both had a fantastic day and look forward to doing it again soon.
Thanks again Paul, total legend!”
Darren A

“Paul has coached me on a few occasions, both in my home “studio” with friends who have modelled for me, and at studios with professional models, with the result that I have had a few successes in portrait competitions.  I can see a steady improvement over the months from when I did my first model shoot, and I’m pleased with the progress, but still have lots to learn.
Paul demonstrated the difference between hard lighting and soft lighting, showed me how to set up my key light and kicker lights to get broad lighting and short lighting, and how to pose the model for the most flattering photos. He advised me on how to direct the model (very important – but something I need to practise) and how to make the model feel comfortable in order to get the best out of the shoot.  He told my that this was “my shoot” and that he was there to help me technically and give me advice re the model – I like being thrown into the deep end – it forces you to swim!!  He also pointed out where I could have made the shot much better by choosing a different angle, or setting the lights in a different radial position or at a different height.
The most exciting part for me was his help in the processing of the images to improve things like skin tone, eyes, removing blemishes, enhancing features, etc.  This has caused me to dip into this further on YouTube, where there is lots of information on these techniques, and I’m beginning to develop techniques of my own now that I am getting to grips with the processing software.”

Mel Barnes

“Hi Paul. I had a great time yesterday n I think u r a great photographer and really enjoyed working with u. Wow, yeah I like the pictures. Thank u Paul.”
Georgiana B

“Myself and Lesley had the pleasure of working in the studio with Paul Jones, who gave up his valuable time to show us different lighting techniques. Paul is truly an inspiration and is passionate about his work, but more importantly he is willing to share his knowledge with others. I would highly recommend, if you are interested in studio lighting, to ask Paul for his guidance. Just to watch him interact with the models is a lesson in itself. We learned so much today Paul. You are a star!”
Gill B

“Paul has become a great personal friend of mine and has used the studio several times now.  All the models he has employed here have sang his praises in that he is always friendly and creative.  I would recommend Paul to any model whom wishes to extend their portfolio.”
Jamie Booth, Studio Manager, Millwood Photography Studios

“We both had a great time.  It was a fun experience.  You made us both feel very comfortable.  It would be fun to do it again.  The pics are awesome!”
Simon and Philippa

“Many thanks for the photographs.  Really happy with them!  I’ve shared them on my Facebook page and received really positive feedback.  They’re really high quality.  The colour ones have that magazine look to them, and the black and whites are really classy looking.  You’re a talented chap for sure!  Really appreciate the work you’ve put into the shots.  They look awesome!”
Jay I

“Three years later I think it is we’ve managed to shoot again lol!!  We shot a full day at my new home/studio location here in Shrewsbury.  Paul is professional as ever, relaxed and as easy going as before and down to earth but most of all fun- was really good to shoot with him again after all this time!!  It was such a good day, forgot how good it was to shoot with Paul.  Hopefully not leave it as long next time 😉  Loved it- hope to see you again very soon!!  Very highly recommended!!”
Natalia Forrest

“Had a great location shoot with Paul recently and enjoyed working with him. I was particularly impressed with Paul’s enthusiasm and determination towards his photography. Furthermore, I am positive that we have produced some great images. Look forward to working with Paul again in the near future.”
Bonnie B

“Had another awesome full day with Paul at my farmhouse studio the weekend. Paul shot another load of fantastic pictures, lighting/sets were amazing- he knew what he wanted, was easy going, and creative. It is always a complete pleasure to work with Paul. He is professional and most of all a lovely person and real fun to work with!! Each shoot just gets better and better!!
He is highly recommended he will make anybody’s day a good one. Hope to see you again soon!!”
Natalia Forrest

“Hi Paul, the photos look amazing! You have actually managed to make me look relatively attractive. Ha Ha.”
Jordan K (male model)

“Had my first shoot with Paul yesterday and it wont be my last. Paul was on time and fully prepared with a list of sets we were going to cover. Together we created some gorgeous images and our ideas worked well. Very professional and had a good laugh together as well. Look forward to seeing the end results ! X”
Rosie B

“Second shoot with Paul and it was brilliant! We did lots of different styles and types of shots! Cannot wait to get the pictures! Thanks again Paul and looking forward to next time haha!!”
Jay M

“Had a brilliant shoot with Paul. This was the second time we had worked together at my place. I loved the shoot from start to finish. He’s such a polite and friendly photographer to work with, turned up well prepared ready and on time, full of ideas and knew exactly what he wanted to achieve and how to achieve it. Highly recommend him as a photographer to work with and will most definitely be working together again. Cannot wait to see the images, but they looked excellent on the camera. Thanks again Paul for such a great shoot.  Xx”

“Had an amazing shoot today with Paul. Very professional about his work and he made me feel so comfortable, what a fun guy. Cannot wait for my next one with Paul. I would highly recommend him. Thank you Paul xxx”
Sahara G

“In my experience, it’s difficult to find a great photographer to capture the essence of your look and personality. Paul is that man! I’ve done multiple shoot days with Paul now, and he always manages to produce something special. His easy going nature puts you at ease straight away, and he’s very good at directing expressions and poses to paint the subject in the best light. I’m looking forward to doing more great work with Paul in the future. He’s a great photographer and I would highly recommend him!”
Jay I