Keep it simple.  That’s my motto…

So when Megan turns up with her favourite sweater why not use it in the shoot?  She feels comfortable wearing it and that comes across in the photographs.  I’m never one for trying to force expressions out of models as the results seldom look genuine.  Regarding the sweater, sometimes with glamour photography the old adage can ring true that ‘less is more’.  I think an element of playfulness or tease can sometimes have more eroticism and sex appeal than a topless or nude shot.

The lighting was also pretty simple.  Megan was lying on a couch near a window.  Some sunlight was beginning to catch her hair.  I didn’t want to move the couch closer so I used a studio light in front of the window to give more kick to the hair.  The main light was a large softbox attached to an Elinchrom studio flash unit moved in close at camera left and feathered slightly so that the light was brushing across Megan rather than full on her.

I hope you like… Feel free to comment (click to enlarge).

Megan - sweater girl

Megan - sweater girl

Megan - sweater girl - lighting setup

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