Phew, what a scorcher!  The UK is basking in a heatwave and the modelling sites are full of castings for beach shoots.  I actually enjoyed an excellent beach shoot last weekend with the lovely Melissa (again!)  I’m just editing through the images now so will post some soon.

I’ve received a few emails and comments that people have liked seeing the studio lighting setups that have accompanied a few of my posts, so I will try to include more.  I never have and never will make any claims to be a great photographer or lighting technician.  I just do my own thing and always strive to learn more and do better on each photoshoot.

Here are a couple of photos from a home shoot with Layla.  She was great fun to photograph and had the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen.

I’ve mentioned before that I like location shoots as they can make for more natural surroundings than a studio colorama paper backdrop.  These shots were taken in her house.  A window to camera right was letting in a fair bit of natural light and I added to this with a ‘kicker’ light in the form of a studio flash unit fitted with a reflector dish and barn-doors to give the edge lighting along the side of her body and in her hair.  The main light came from a large softbox again on my right and from the direction of the window.  Very simple lighting, but ‘keep it simple’ is my motto…

Please feel free to comment.  Click the images to enlarge.


Layla studio lighting setup diagram

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