“Girls, boys, art, pleasure
Girls, boys, art, pleasure
Paninaro, Paninaro, oh, oh, oh”
Pet Shop Boys  ‘Paninaro’

I haven’t taken as many photographs this year as I would have liked.  But what I have done, I’ve loved passionately.

I thought I would end another year on my Blog with a look-back over the last twelve months and pick out some of my favourite photographs.  For someone who absolutely loves shooting glamour girls, two of my favorite photoshoots this year were with guys – Jay the drummer and Simon the fitness model.

I must say “Hello” to my protégé Darren, who has surpassed himself this year, from picking up his first camera to now producing some outstanding images.  I have enjoyed seeing the transformation in you Darren, and I know how much studying and work you have put into it.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our time together, talking photography and post-processing into the early hours, and not to mention the Tuesday night carvery dinners.   🙂

I’ve also enjoyed seeing the great progress made by my friends Mel, Gill and Lesley, who have greatly developed their studio lighting and photography skills this year and have gone on to making competition-winning images.

And so, to my Top 10 photographs of 2014, in no particular order…
(click to enlarge)

1. Jay (I love everything about this photo – from Jay’s cool expression to the cool post-processing)

Paul Jones - Favourite Photographs of 2014

2. Georgiana (She has a great ‘Hollywood’ look and I was really pleased with this shot)

Paul Jones - Favourite Photographs of 2014

3. Melissa (One of the most naturally beautiful women I’ve ever photographed)

Paul Jones - Favourite Photographs of 2014

4. Cody (She certainly has ‘the look’)

Paul Jones - Favourite Photographs of 2014

5. Simon (I really enjoyed the challenge of shooting a male model)

Paul Jones - Favourite Photographs of 2014

6. Roxy (Great personality, great fun to work with, great location, great bum)

Paul Jones - Favourite Photographs of 2014

7. Philippa (Amazing beauty, a touch of ‘Hollywood’ again)

Paul Jones - Favourite Photographs of 2014

8. Melissa (Beautiful and alluring, I could photograph Melissa all day long)

Paul Jones - Favourite Photographs of 2014

9. Jay (Looking so cool after I explained Peter Hurley’s ‘squinch’ to him)

Paul Jones - Favourite Photographs of 2014

10. Cody (A very simple shot, and she looks simply stunning)

Paul Jones - Favourite Photographs of 2014

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking through them with me.  Please feel free to leave a comment below.

Best wishes for a great 2015 and I hope you have lots of fun with your photography.

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  1. Mel Barnes says:

    Thanks to you Paul for your enthusiasm and coaching, I’ve now got hooked on studio photography, and have upgraded my lighting system to include Elinchrom lighting. I’ve also enrolled on a photography diploma course to learn the finer details of camera use and lighting, so I’m sure that this will help my development as a budding photographer. I can’t thank you enough for all your help and encouragement. Cheers, Mel.

    • Paul says:

      You’re very welcome, Mel. Thanks for commenting. I’m sure your photography will advance even further now that you’ve got your Elinchroms.

  2. Gill says:

    A great choice of images Paul….the quality of your work is exceptional.

    I really enjoyed working with you this year and your enthusiasm is infectious. You have a natural ability to teach and I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge…I have learned a lot and hope we can do more in 2015.

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