“Fire in the ice, naked to the T-bone
Is a lover’s disguise, banging on the head drum
Shaking like a mad bull, she’s got the look”
Roxette ‘The Look’

What is the sexiest part of a woman?  Boobs? Bum? Feet?

Well, according to a recent survey by Cosmopolitan magazine it’s her eyes.  I’d have to agree.  A woman can say so much when she gives you a certain look – no words are needed.

In the past few weeks I have had two photoshoots with 21 year old new glamour model Cody and I have absolutely loved photographing her.  She puts 100% total commitment into each shoot and deserves to make a successful glamour modelling career. I really do wish her every success – she’s a little star!

For this set I stripped the duvet and scatter cushions off the bed, down to plain white sheets, as I wanted a neutral white zone with nothing to compete or distract from Cody.  I then conveyed the kind of expression that I was aiming for and right on cue she gave me the look I wanted.  Yes, she is nude, but for me, the images are all about the eyes and the look she is giving to the viewer.  I hope you agree.

I used a basic two-light sandwich lighting setup with a softbox for main light and a bare reflector with barn-doors to add a touch of rim light.  Nothing fancy.

I hope you enjoy the photos.  Click to enlarge and please feel free to post a comment below.

Cody Has The Look

Cody Has The Look

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  1. Cody says:

    Paul is always a pleasure to work with; his professional attitute & great sense of humor means the time flies!

    I was so happy with the pictures from our first shoot & can’t wait to see the results from the second! He knows how to get fantastic pictures that tell a story – his work speaks for itself

    Can’t wait to shoot with Paul again when I’m back in England & I would recommend him to any model

    Thankyou & I’ll see you soon!


  2. Mel Barnes says:

    Hi Paul – you’ve excelled yourself with these photos – the skin tones are amazing, and I must agree that “the eyes have it”. I remember seeing two almost identical photos in a TV experiment, whereby the audience was asked “which is the more appealing” – the one selected was the photo that had the pupils slightly enlarged – this supports the sexiness of the eyes. Mel.

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