My first photoshoot of 2014 was with Melissa and this time we made use of Millwood Photographic Studio, where I have become friendly with the owners Jamie and Paul.  If you haven’t yet visited Millwood, you should give it a go.  It’s a terrific studio.

I had booked well in advance and we had the whole studio to ourselves and all the lighting and equipment we wanted.  At one point we even had a smoke machine going.  I’ll be posting more photographs in time, but today I’m posting some from a set we shot on the bed.  I stripped the bed down to plain white sheets as I wanted a white, neutral, setting to complement Melissa’s white lingerie.  Behind the bed I hung some white netting to curtain it off.

Lighting DiagramI used four Bowens studio lights for this set, all with softboxes.  Two softboxes were positioned behind the white netting to add some light to the background.  I used a medium softbox as my main light, which I moved to around the 7 o’clock or 5 o’clock position depending on which way Melissa was facing.  This light was feathered away from Melissa for an even softer light.  I then added a large softbox behind me and the camera to give some fill light.  See the lighting diagram.  As ever, I hasten to add that I don’t claim to be a lighting expert, but like to keep things relatively simple wherever possible. 

I’m finding lately that I am preferring to work at larger apertures.  For this set my camera was set to:
– Manual Mode
– Aperture f/5.6
– Shutter speed 1/125
– ISO 100

Melissa and I have worked together now on many shoots and there is a great rapport and trust now developed between us.  I find that I can very quickly and easily communicate to her what I’m trying to achieve, and, in turn, she never fails to deliver the right ‘look’ just when I want it.  We already have our next photoshoot booked and are planning some great ideas (I cannot wait).

I hope you enjoy viewing the photographs.  Please feel free to comment.

Melissa by Paul Jones

Melissa by Paul Jones

Melissa by Paul Jones

Melissa by Paul Jones

Melissa by Paul Jones

Melissa by Paul Jones

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  1. Mel Barnes says:

    These are superb photos Paul; I really like her hair, and especially her eyes – she poses extremely well. Photos no.3 and no.5 are my favourites, although it was really hard to choose between all of then. What a stunning model Melissa is. Mel.

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