Is the British summer over?  Today we have had nothing but rain, so you would be forgiven for thinking so. 

A few weeks ago we had a spell of particularly good weather so I took the opportunity to have a drive to the beach with Melissa.  Although it was dry, we arrived at the beach to find some strong winds blowing, which meant that Melissa’s hair was getting blown about in all directions.  We found a spot that was quite secluded and offered a bit of protection from the wind and we set to work.  We got through a few different outfit changes and I was pleased with the results.

Lighting was mainly natural light, though I also used a Nikon SB-800 speedlight on some shots to give a slight boost and because I was experimenting with various settings.

Here are a few favourite shots.  I’ve added cross-processing because I thought they suited it.  I’ll post more later.  Click to enlarge.




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  1. SnapCandy says:

    Hey Paul!

    These shots are awesome. I love the first one. The way you used the SB to supplement natural light is great, and the feel of it really reminds me of a famous shot. I can’t put my finger on who the photographer was, but it’ll come to me …

    Which beach were you on? It looks like it may have been the Ainsdale dunes. That’s only five or ten minutes up the coast road from me. 🙂


  2. Paul says:

    Hi Brian

    Thanks for commenting, it’s much appreciated.

    I was really pleased with the overall ‘look’ of these. Although they were shot in the UK I feel that they have something of a foreign feel to them, helped by the way Melissa looks in them.

    The location was Formby Beach. I parked at the National Trust Victoria Road car park.

    If you remember the famous shot you’ll have to let me know… 🙂


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