I often receive emails from ladies asking if I will photograph them.  Sometimes they have aspirations of becoming a professional glamour model and want photographs to start a glamour model portfolio.  And sometimes they just want some photographs for themselves.  I welcome such emails and always feel flattered that they have chosen to contact me.

When I look back over the years to all the people I have photographed, several of the best or favourite ‘models’ in front of my camera have been non-models, ie women who don’t make a living from modelling.  I have enjoyed wonderful photoshoots with housewives, college students and women holding down a job whilst wondering if they had the potential to be a glamour model. 

I recall one example –  ‘Ms G’ who emailed me to say that she had always had the idea that she could be a glamour model but didn’t quite know what to do about it.   I agreed to photograph her.  She was a complete ‘natural’ in front of the camera, one of the best ever.  It was great to see her confidence go through the roof.  Following the shoot she sent a few photographs off to a model agency and was accepted onto their books.  Of course, it doesn’t always happen, but it’s nice when it does.

If you are thinking of contacting me please be aware that I will NOT shoot any glamour images with anyone aged under 18.  Everyone I photograph must be over 18 and have ID to prove it.

When you contact me please include your statistics and location and also send me a few snapshots of yourself.  Cameraphone images are fine to give me an idea of what you look like. 

I’ll finish with a photograph of Carla, who contacted me through my website a short while ago (click to enlarge).


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