I had the chance to photograph Melissa again yesterday, when invited to test out the facilities at new photography studio ‘Infinity Imaging Studio’, Westhoughton.  It’s a brand new studio that is just getting started and I was very grateful to be given the opportunity to try it out, and especially happy to be photographing Melissa again.

The studio has two basic setups, white and black, allowing for high-key and low-key photography.  I personally favoured the low-key setting and photographed Melissa with a large softbox to camera left for main and just a touch of fill bounced into a brolly behind me.  The photograph below is the first one that I’ve processed so far as I’ve been out at Birmingham for most of today for the Focus On Imaging exhibition.

‘Focus’ is an annual event in many photographer’s calendars.  Held at the Birmingham NEC, it’s a chance to test the wares of the major photography manufacturers and suppliers.  Several stands were hosting presentations today from ‘celebrity’ photographers such as Frank Doorhof,  Karl Taylor, Damien Lovegrove and Mark Cleghorn.

I bought a couple of photography books and a beauty dish lighting modifier (I’ve been wanting to try one out for a while now).  Then, with rather large cardboard box and carrier bags in hand, I fought my way through throngs of people, many of whom were strutting around armed with bulging backpacks, DSLR cameras and monstrous zoom lenses dangling around their necks in what could possibly be construed as a display of phallic superiority (my lens is bigger than yours). 

Anyway, I’m hoping to test out the beauty dish soon but until then here’s Melissa taken yesterday.  Feel free to comment.  (click to enlarge).



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  1. Simes says:

    Nice picture Paul, appreciated seeing it 🙂

  2. Paul says:

    Thank-you Simes. I appreciate your comment!

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