I had a fantastic photoshoot yesterday at Millwood Photographic Studio with Melissa and I’m busy sorting through the images, so just a short blog post today.  But during the shoot I was reminded that one of the most useful things I carry in my camera bag isn’t spare batteries, a lightmeter or memory cards… it’s a handful of humble bulldog clips.

Bulldog clips have long been known as a handy item for fashion and glamour photography.  They can be used to hold together tops and jackets at the back to stop them bulging and gaping.  Clips are better than safety pins as they won’t leave holes in the fabric.  If the model is wearing a very delicate item of clothing you can place tissue paper or paper towel in between the clothes and the clip to help stop the material from snagging.

If a model is wearing a vest or tight top I will often use bulldog clips to hold them tighter at the back to accentuate the figure.  In the photographs below of Becky Jo and Laura they are both clipped at the back.

You can pick up large bulldog clips at most stationery shops.  Pop a couple in your camera bag and try using them next time you’re on a shoot.

(click to enlarge)

Becky Jo by Paul Jones

Becky Jo’s top is held at the back with bulldog clips

Laura by Paul Jones

Laura’s vest is held at the back with bulldog clips

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