I enjoy most forms of portrait, people and glamour photography and I like the controlled environment of working in a photography studio with as much lighting equipment as I care to use, but given the choice nowadays I usually opt to pack my gear and shoot ‘on location’ if possible.

Unless you’re prepared to build sets, a studio doesn’t often give you authentic looking bedrooms, bathrooms and other backdrops that I like for glamour photography.  Of course, you can get surprises, like having to carry all your lighting gear up several flights of stairs or having to work in a much smaller bedroom than was anticipated, but it all adds to the challenge and the fun of photography and can test your creativity at times.

As an example of a location shoot, here’s glamour model Samantha photographed in her boudoir.  Click the image to enlarge and feel free to add a comment.

Samantha in her Boudoir

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