It’s good to try new things and keep pushing forward as a photographer.

I love photographing different people and different themes – from glamour photography, boudoir and erotica though to studio headshots and location portraiture.  No two photoshoots are rarely the same.

On my shoot with Megan she asked if we could capture a few ‘Geek’ images.  And then she brought out the glasses.  Well, I’m happy to oblige…  The combination of a pretty girl with tattoos, piercings and geek glasses is very popular with the lads mag ‘Front‘ and that’s the type of look I had in mind when I was setting up the shot.

Feel free to comment (click the images to enlarge).

Megan - Geek Glamour

Megan - Geek Glamour

2 Responses so far.

  1. Yan says:

    Your pictures are a great inspiration for me. I love the eye contact you manage to capture.

    However this set doesn’t work for me and I figured why. Megan is beautiful and I was drawn by her eyes in the crop provided in you blog summary. However, the top is not nerdy at all, and doesn’t fit with her glasses. For lack of better words, I find she looks like a naugthy girl with added glasses. Maybe black lingerie, a gala dress or …

  2. Paul says:

    Thanks for looking and commenting Yan. I appreciate all comments.

    I think with more preparation I could have brought more to the shots.

    Best regards

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