It’s another Bank Holiday weekend and another chance to catch up with the gardening, DIY jobs around the home, or that great British pastime – sitting in a hot car stuck in a motorway traffic jam.  Instead, I’ve just arranged a last minute photoshoot with a glamour model who I’ve been wanting to work with for a while, so camera batteries are on charge and I’m packing my equipment bag with all my portable lighting gear. 

It’s a location shoot at her home and these are now my favourite types of shoot.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like the controlled environment of a photography studio, but for glamour I much prefer the more natural surroundings of real bedrooms and bathrooms in homes and hired apartments.  Some studios try to accommodate by building a bedroom set in a corner of the studio, but they usually look just that – a studio set. 

Whilst writing this I’m thinking about some of the locations I’ve held glamour photoshoots in over the years.  They include lots of different homes, apartments, a nightclub, a gym, a sauna and a steel factory.  The key to a location shoot is to prepare as much as possible prior to the shoot and ensure you have everything you may need, including spare power cables and long extension leads.  You are never sure of what to expect and that’s half the fun.

Here’s a shot of Jayne taken in an apartment in Manchester (click to enlarge).


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