I’ve spent a few hours over the past couple of days scanning old family and friends photographs for my wife.  Mrs J has discovered Facebook!  She’s enjoying connecting with her old school friends and people she had lost contact with and re-living past memories.  Once she logs in the hours can fly by…

So far I haven’t succumbed to Facebook.  I probably will eventually, but I spend too much time on the Internet as it is – on photography websites and in photography forums.  

Photographers on forums can sometimes be a tough crowd when anyone asks for a photo critique, analysing and nit-picking the smallest details.  I’m sure every photograph ever produced could be improved in some way if you sit down and study them.   

I think I’m from the ‘keep it simple’ school of photography and some of my favourite images are often the most simplest.  I photographed Lily in an apartment in Manchester.  The lighting is from a studio flash unit with window light coming in from behind.  The bed was stripped down to the white sheets and pillows to create a plain setting.  Add a pretty girl (also stripped) connecting with the camera / audience and that’s it.

(click to enlarge)


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