Happy New Year! 

Now that the last of the turkey and mince pies have been finished off, I’m looking forward to 2013 and whatever direction my photography will take me.  My resolutions are to practise more with boudoir photography and to also work on improving my headshot photography.

Headshots, along with portraiture in general, is a photographic genre that I really enjoy.  I love capturing peoples’ personalities.

For me, one of the masters of headshot photography is Peter Hurley, who is renowned for his actor and celebrity headshots – http://peterhurley.com/  – you can check out various videos of his on Youtube.  On one website interview with Hurley I read his number one tip:

“Headshot photography isn’t about a white background or fancy lighting. It’s about the person’s expression.  If they’re sharing a ‘genuine’ smile, that’s a good photo.”

I did a photoshoot with professional glamour model Natalia Forrest a few weeks ago and spent the first hour shooting headshots.  She is amazing in front of the camera.  I loved photographing her.  Here are a few of my favourites.  (click to enlarge).  Please feel free to comment.









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