I’ve jokingly titled this post ‘Does My Bum Look Big In This?’  The question, apparently, that every woman feels compelled to ask and that every man hates to answer…

Is there a right answer?  With some underwear manufacturers marketing ranges of lingerie designed to slim the buttocks, whilst others are selling padded garments designed to give the bottom a fuller, rounder shape.  No wonder us poor men don’t know the best way to answer.

Over the years, I have photographed hundreds of glamour models.  These young ladies, often with the most perfect bodies, sometimes have a dislike of a certain part of their anatomy, such as their legs, hands or teeth, etc.  I think the bodypart that seems to cause the most concern with many is the bum; bottom; booty; behind; derriere… call it what you will. 

I usually take my portfolio book with me to a photoshoot and let the model look through it as we’re setting up.  One photo that has caused a few favourable comments is the shot below of Elise in her shorts, with more than one model saying “I wish I had her bum.”

(click to enlarge)



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