A question I’m often asked is “How did you get into glamour photography?”

The next question is often “Can I be your assistant on your next shoot…?”

I had no plans to take up photographing pretty ladies with little or no clothing on (them, not me).  I first picked up a camera when my son was born, almost 15 years ago (how time flies).  From a humble point and shoot compact (2MP Kodak DC3400) I soon progressed onto a digital SLR, but still had no real idea of what I wanted to take photographs of.  I had just got the photography bug.

One day I happened upon an advert on the Internet for a studio lighting workshop at a photo studio in Bolton.  The cost was reasonable and I thought it would be fun to try something new.  On the night there were about four or five other photographers there and a model named Donna.  The tutor went through a few different lighting setups and we took turns photographing Donna in various glamour and nude poses.   It was my first time ever photographing a nude model!   I enjoyed the whole experience, got a few images I was pleased with and arranged to go back for a follow-up session the week later.  This eventually led to more sessions in the Bolton studio and I made friends with several of the other ‘regulars’ and good friends with Donna, who I went on to photograph many times, at the studio and also on location.

From there, I also became a member of Worksop Photographic Studio and arranged many photoshoots there.  They make it easy for someone new to glamour photography as they have a list of models to choose from on their website.  Just choose the model you want to hire, decide which day and time and then phone Pete to book it.  Turn up, pay your fee and shoot…

It wasn’t long until I gathered the courage to start arranging my own photoshoots, mainly with girls who contacted me after seeing my website.  I became friends with Wigan studio owner Vic Jolley, and became a regular user of his studio in Pemberton.  I really liked using Vic’s studio.  He had some great lighting gear, including a huge Broncolor Hazylight which gave the most beautiful soft light.  I was a bit gutted when Vic told me he was retiring and closing the studio.

The last few years have seen me arranging all my own shoots and working with the models that I choose to.  I now prefer to work on location wherever possible rather than using a studio.  I have had some great photoshoots in model’s homes, hired apartments, a gym and even a nightclub.  I usually work one-on-one, just me and the model.  I don’t really like hangers-on watching me take photographs and it can sometimes unnerve the model to have other people in the room.  So, No, I’m not looking for an assistant at the moment…  🙂

Here’s a photo of the first model I worked with, Donna, taken on the streets in Bury.  We had a good laugh as cars were driving by honking their horns at us.  (Click to enlarge).


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