Isn’t it strange how some things stick with you almost your whole life?

In the early 1970s the BBC aired what, for me and many others of that era, is now regarded a classic TV series, ‘The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe‘.

The show was a French production, in black and white. I can’t remember much of the acting or the storyline, but the beautifully haunting theme tune and incidental music has stayed in my head for over 40 years. And now whenever I’m on or near a beach the music and the imagery of Robinson Crusoe walking along the shoreline pops back into my head. Magical…

Here in the UK it’s Summer. And it’s hot. Thoughts turn to days at the beach. So, here’s some previously unseen photographs of a lovely lady I had the pleasure of working with a few summers ago, Leonor. She was working as a professional bikini model out of Miami before crossing the pond over to the UK.

I’m not sure that Formby beach near Southport has quite the appeal of Miami, Florida, but we had a good day out and had lots of fun capturing some images. We kept it simple. Leonor brought a bag full of outfits. I carried a camera and a Nikon speedlight.

Click on the images to enlarge and feel free to post a comment or question below. Thanks for reading.

Leonor - Castaway, by Paul Jones

Leonor - Castaway, by Paul Jones

Leonor - Castaway, by Paul Jones

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  1. Brian says:

    I really like these Paul. I think my favourites are the first and last images where Leonor is standing. I love the way the foreground and background split the scene into three horizontal bands. Lovely compositions!

    The light is great too, beautifully balanced. Did you just use the speedlight for fill on-camera?

    • Paul says:

      Thanks very much Brian. I think my favourite is the first standing shot.

      Yes, very simply lit with one Nikon speedlight on-camera. I didn’t want to be carrying lots of gear into the sand dunes.


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