The last time Melissa and I were at Millwood Studio we thought it would be fun to shoot some images on the barnyard set.

Melissa had brought some cowboy boots and, of course, her ‘Daisy Dukes’ shorts that she’s so fond of wearing, so we finished off the day with her lying on bales of hay. It was a very quick set and, if memory serves me right, I lit it with just one large softbox attached to a Bowens studio flash-head. Keeping it simple.

I’ve probably shot more images of Melissa now than any other model. Each shoot gets better than the last. We’re now talking about arranging our next shoot, which will probably be at Millwood again. What will we shoot next time? Any requests?

Click the images to see them bigger, and thanks for stopping by.

'Making Hay with Melissa' by Paul Jones

'Making Hay with Melissa' by Paul Jones

'Making Hay with Melissa' by Paul Jones

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