“Today was probably one of my favourite shoots to date. We got lots of different looks and Paul captured my ‘soft girlie side’ – which I have not seen before in any of my other shoots. Such a great day. Thanks Paul  x”

Photographing professional glamour model Zoe was an absolute blast. We laughed our way through the shoot and I think it showed on the photos.

Some models find it difficult to smile on photos, but not Zoe. She has a genuine twinkle in the eye.

Another thing I like about this set is the simple outfit. Zoe is wearing a plain, grey cardigan and nothing else, and I think she looks amazing. Proof that it isn’t the outfit or the amount of bare flesh on show that makes a glamour photo ‘sexy’, it’s the ‘look’. Do you agree?

Click on the photos to enlarge. Thanks for visiting and please feel free to leave a comment below.

Zoe's 'soft girlie side' by Paul Jones

Zoe's 'soft girlie side' by Paul Jones

Zoe's 'soft girlie side' by Paul Jones

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  1. Alec B says:

    Excellent set of images. She looks great.

  2. Phil Jones says:

    Hi Paul.
    I totally agree! It is “the look” that counts! I don’t know if you recall a conversation we had a few years ago where I said imho that less is more & leaving something to the imagination is very often far sexier than photos that only gynaecologists would be interested in!
    Another brilliant set of images!

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