I have a ‘keep it simple’ philosophy towards my photography.  I don’t like to over-complicate things if I can help it.  This photograph of glamour model Chloe Avril, I think, typifies this.

The bed has been stripped of everything but the plain white sheets to give a very neutral backdrop.  The lingerie is simple and unfussy, and pink is, I think, a soft and feminie colour and not as dominant as red or black might have been.

The pose is definitely provocative.  Her figure is fantastic.  But the thing that makes the shot undeniably sexy for me is the smouldering look in Chloe Avril’s eyes.

I absolutely love photographing Chloe Avril.  This 21 year old comes alive in front of the camera and gives me some superb looks.

The shot was lit with two Elinchrom studio flash units in a ‘sandwich lighting’ setup – one light in front of the bed and one behind it.  Diffusers were a large softbox and a beauty dish.

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Chloe Avril is Pretty in Pink

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