I love helping like-minded people who have a real interest in photography and in developing their skills and knowledge.  I live by the motto ‘Givers Gain’ and will go out of my way to help people wherever I can.  In return, one can always learn new things.  I believe you never stop learning.  Photography and image editing is such a vast subject that even after 15 years I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface.

This week I have enjoyed working with four individuals who each want to take their photography to the next level.  Last Saturday I held a studio lighting workshop for Gill and Lesley who have bought Bowens lighting kits but felt that their lighting was unadventurous (typical two lights with softboxes at 45 degrees).  Over the next four hours we explored various soft and hard lighting setups; high-key and low-key setups and back-lighting.  It was great to see how quickly they grasped it and seeing some great shots on the back of their cameras.  I’m sure their next shoots will produce some brilliant results.

Darren reminds me of myself.  He is brand new to photography and is determined to learn everything he can in a short space of time.  He is devouring every photography book and magazine going and spending hour after hour watching photography videos on Youtube.  He texts me throughout the day with questions about lighting, exposure, lenses, etc. (He’s actually texted me six times while I’ve been typing this).   On Tuesday I took Darren out for a couple of hours camera practice so he can continue to get to grips with exposure and composition.  It was brilliant seeing the joy on his face as another nugget of new-found knowledge hit home.  We topped it off with one of the largest carvery dinners ever (by arriving in the pub just as the chef was getting ready to stop serving).  Yes, we might do it again next Tuesday! (Not good for my diet).   🙂

This week my brother Phil has been and bought his first ‘proper’ camera, a Nikon D3200 digital SLR with a couple of lenses.  I spent time at his home this morning going through camera basics with him and recalling how I felt with my first camera about to take the first steps on my photographic journey.

All this makes me reflect on where I am with my own photography and where I want to be (I am a million miles from where I want to be).  In another 15 years I’ll still be learning.

I’m going to finish with a photograph from a recent shoot with Chloe Avril, an absolutely lovely lady who I could photograph all day long.  She deserves to have a good glamour modelling career.  I’ve done two photoshoots with her now and am already talking with her about a third.  The shot was taken with a simple two point lighting setup. (Click the photo to enlarge).

Chloe Avril by Paul Jones

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